KCR Jayalalitha chandrababu naidu

There seem to be no respite for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in terms of power cuts. Both the states are lagging behind in the advanced booking of transmission facilities.Tamil Nadu government was active and had booked 1300 MW of transmission leaving a mere 300 MW for the rest of the South Indian states. United Andhra Pradesh failed to book the transmission facilities as the utilities department could not get enough financial clearences from Congress government then. As a result both the states are now suffering due to heavy power cuts.

Several gas based power projects in the state including those owned by Private companies are sitting idle as there is no supply of fuel for them to operate. The hydro electric power is also on a very lower side since the monsoons are very weak this year. And like hitting hard on a serious injury, thermal power stations in both the states are failing on after the other due to technical issues due to the low quality coal usage.