13 yr old boy sells Odd-even.comA 13 year old Delhi based Akshat Mittal sold his website odd-even.com to carpool app Orahi.com for an undisclosed amount. The website was developed and launched in December 2015 by the 9th standard Mittal to reduce the woes of Delhi commuters.

Delhi government introduced odd even formula from January onwards. According to odd even formula, cars ending with odd number should run with day gap and in this gap even numbered cars roam on Delhi streets. The odd-even.com matches individuals to potential ride-share or carpool. On the odd day, commuters can check for nearby odd cars and they can share a ride.

Odd-even.com currently has 30,000 users and expected to grow further after implementation of second phase of odd even scheduled from Apr 15th. “The algorithm was developed by me and I look forward to the year-long stint with the board,” says Mittal. Apart from cash rewards, Mittal will be a part of the company’s technical advisory board and will be mentored by Orahi for a year.