1000 Days For Amaravati Farmers AgitationThe land pooling for Amaravati has been historic in the country. 29,481 farmers have given 34,322 acres of land in the Land Pooling Policy of Chandrababu Naidu for the construction of Amaravati.

The then government did not spend a single rupee for pooling so much land and the farmers gave their lands without any force.

But all their lines turned topsy turvy after the government changed. Jagan government brought three capitals to nullify Amaravati and alienate the farmers dubbing them Kammas.

The farmers have been on the roads for 1000 days demanding justice. The legal battles so far have in favor of the farmers.

They have crossed the crucial 1000 days milestone while Government is planning to bring back the three capitals once again.

While vicious political propaganda is unleashed on Amaravati, the facts are like this.

Among 29,481 farmers, 5,227 farmers have given One to Two acres of land while another 3,337 farmers have given Two to Five acres of land.

So, it will be the small and medium-scale farmers that will be the most affected due to the Government’s decision.

When it comes to the caste-wise population, 32% of the farmers are Dalits, Reddys 20%, Kammas 18%, BC 14%, Kapu 9%, Muslims 3%, and Others 4%.