ysr congress Rayalaseema Garjana in kurnoolAfter the Opposition highlighted Government dropping Kurnool as Judicial Capital in the Supreme Court, YSR Congress is trying to erase it from the public’s memory with Seema Gharjana in Kurnool.

The ruling party has taken it prestigiously but there is not enough enthusiasm in the public.

The transport department arranged 770 school buses to ferry people to the meeting. People were brought in from Kurnool, Anantapur, and Kadapa districts.

Dwacra groups were ordered to attend and are threatened with a fine of 100 Rupees in case they do not come. Messages about the fine were sent to the mobiles of all Dwacra women.

All the educational institutions were given holidays and exams were postponed. Even though it was a party program, Kurnool Corporation officials were engaged to distribute the pamphlets and erect the banners. The corporation funds were also used.

But then, there is a lack of proper facilities at the venue. The attendees were not even given water. As a result, many people were seen leaving the STBC stadium even as the ministers are speaking.

The police and volunteers were seen trying to stop them but could not. As a result, parts of the ground were seen vacant.