10 YSR Congress MLAs eyeing to jump to TDP?More worrisome reports are coming up for YSR Congress. If the rumours doing rounds in political circles are to be believed, as many as 10 YSR Congress MLAs are planning to jump the fence to TDP. This is likely to happen after the Budget session and before the Rajya Sabha elections in May.

The prominent name being heard from this pack is that YSR Congress’ Deputy Floor leader, Jyothula Nehru. Jyothula is very much hurt after Jagan refused him PAC Chairman post and offered it to a new comer. The other day when asked about, Jyothula said he will never run after posts but his followers will decide his political future.

TDP has intensified its Operation Akarsha as it is keen on grabbing the fourth Rajya Sabha seat which should normally go to YSR Congress. If this happens, things will become lot easier. On the other side, Jagan is keen on getting the defected MLAs disqualified. He already tried with two No Confidence motions and pinned hopes on the voting on appropriation bill.