​Will Rajinikanth Heed His Brother's Political Advice The ongoing proceedings in the Tamil Nadu political scenario are raising huge curiosity among the political observers who are waiting to see how the future politics are going to spice up. So, what is Thalaiva Rajinikanth waiting for?

Isn’t this the right scenario for Rajinikanth’s entry into politics? The superstar’s brother Satyanarayana Rao opines that it is the time for his brother to make his entry into politics, but believes in waiting and see how the political scenario will change in the coming year.

By then, Shankar’s ‘2.0’ and other film projects will be completed and Rajinikanth can make a move in politics. However, can Rajinikanth really fill in the huge vacuum left by the departure of Jayalalithaa? His health is not great and his age isn’t going to help him either, to be ready for the demanding and taxing ways in Tamil Nadu politics. Can Rajinikanth really lead the State out of the political mess?