Mumbai Free WiFi Hotspots Used by 30000 PeopleAs India is taking a transformation into a modern India, the governments are going for modern presents for the civilians during the elections to meet their modern needs. As Maharashtra government has opened more than 500 wifi spots in the capital city Mumbai, this is what people are doing with the government’s free wifi.

While three lakh users are utilizing the facility, about 30,000 naughty subscribers were reported to be using the wifi to watch porn! The technical department has already made arrangements for the porn sites to be blocked when a user tries to access them. But as they say, about 38 porn websites have somehow managed to come into access to the users.

These porn websites were blocked again and yet, the experts said that this is a continuous process and would never stop as such websites keep coming as you keep blocking. Well, apparently the government is in a plan of extending the free wifi service to two other cities of the state. With this news, would there be any change in their plan? ​