Virgin Story Telugu Film Is Not About What You Think !Virgin. When we hear that word, we all kinda associate it with sex. But what exaxtly that word means is freshness, purity and an unexplored space. So that means in every walk of life we are virgins when we are learning something new or exploring something new. Like if you don’t know how to drive a car, you are a virgin to drive a car. It stresses you out. You over think. What if you get into an accident… What if you hit someone.

Teenage is a space where everyone learns and explore new things. They are curious, their adrenaline is rushing, their hormones are raging, they are extra sentimental and over think everything. We all went though it.

Times have changed and the world has changed. In the good old days, suppression, punishment, humiliation were the answer for the teenage rebellions. But now we learned to be more understanding, compassionate, kind to these learning and exploring minds. Everything they go through is natural and we need to show the right way to them, instead of demeaning them.

World is moving fast, and this film will make you understand how fast it is changing. This movie is for all the teenagers and also for their parents to understand their mind frame at this age. Its a film about feelings and moments that changes our idea of romance, love and life completely. Its a film about the new generation living and breaking the norms of the old society. This film expresses that all important things takes time, may it be career, passion, or love.

A must watch movie for all the teens and young at hearts in this Valentine’s month. You have loved him as an angry young boy in Rowdy Boys, now you will see him as a Romantic lover boy in Virgin Story.