Virata Parvam Is A Film That Lives Forever: Sai PallaviRana Daggubati and Sai Pallavi’s Virata Parvam is releasing on June 17th. It is a love story in the backdrop of a revolution. It is predominantly the story of Vennela and hence a heroine-centric film.

The team is screen a special previews of the film to selected audience and it is getting rave reviews. Sai Pallavi opened about the film’s box office prospects and the impact the movie is going to make on the audience.

“A film should live beyond the actors. It should live even after our passing away. that is the reason we remember many good movies starring many legendary actors even today. It is not easy to predict a commercial success because we can not say which movie the audience likes and dislikes. When I was making a movie, I keep in mind that the audience should enjoy that movie even after I leave,” Sai Pallavi said.

“Art has no death, it lives forever. I am here to make a movie that will last forever. Virata Parvam will also be remembered forever,” the actress added.

However, she says she did not take the character to heart. “I don’t think of Sarala because it will deviate me. We do not know what really happened then. I look only at Vennela penned by the director and approached the character only,” she says.

She also is in admiration of Rana completely. “The way he selects his stories is very impressive. He goes any length to do them. That attitude has changed me. There are no limitations to increase the span of a film, I know believe,” the actress added.