Venu_Udugula_Virata_ParvamVenu Udugula who made a mark for himself with his first film, Needi Naadi Oke Katha is back with an intense subject like Virata Parvam starring Rana and Sai Pallavi. The director spoke to the media ahead of the movie’s release on June 17th.

“Naxalism left ideology is very prevalent in my village. Also, the books I read have a deep influence on me. But Virata Parvam is not a propaganda film. It is a love story against the backdrop of Naxalism. Naxalism only acts as a catalyst for the love story,”

He also revealed that Virata Parvam is based on a real story of a girl named Sarala. “It is not a biopic but is based on the life of Sarala with some dramatization,” the director says.

Venu is in all praise for Rana Daggubati for doing the film. “Rana okaying this story is not my credit. It should go to him. I told this story to Suresh Babu and he said Rana is interested. He did this story without any hesitation. For a while I did not understand why Rana would do this story because I am a new director who came up with a different story,” he added. 

He also sounded very confident about the film. “Virata Parvam is a film that haunts the audience even after they are out of theaters. It will definitely impress and win hearts. The climax especially will have a huge impact on the audience,” he told.