Masooda-Telugu-MovieAfter a feel-good love story like Malli Raava and a thriller like Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, producer Rahul Yadav, who chooses different stories, has produced horror drama Masooda as his third film under the banner of Nakka Swadharma Entertainment.

Saikiran is debuting as a director with this film. The film stars Sangeeta, Thiruveer, Kavya Kalyan Ram, Bandhavi Sridhar, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Satya Prakash. Satyam Rajesh played the lead roles. The film, which has completed all the activities, is having a grand release worldwide on November 18.

The premiere of this film was seen by film unit and young directors. The film unit organized a media conference and this occasion young directors agent Sai Srinivasa director Swaroop RSJ, Venkatesh Maha, C/O Kancharapalem fame, Ante Sundaraniki director Vivek Athreya, Middle Class Melodies director Vinod Ananthoju, and Color Photo director Sandeep Raj commended the film after watching it.

Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya director Swaroop said, “Masooda is coming as a proper horror movie. Watching such films in the theater gives a thrilling feeling. You will also understand how much we enjoyed watching the movie when you see it. All the departments have done a great job. The audience will enjoy that experience tomorrow,’ he said.

Sandeep Raj, Director of Color Photo said, “I wondered what kind of film Rahul would make after Malli Raava and Agent. When I was said it will be a horror movie, I thought it will be routine. But after watching the movie I was shocked. In many places, we will get frightened. It doesn’t feel like a debut director’s film. This movie is an example of what a right team can look like when they work together. Music, sound, camera are all done well. I want you to have that experience in the theatre”.

Venkatesh Maha said,”Current directors say that they are not interested in making horror genre. I said too. But I have seen this movie twice. I have fully experienced the horror. I was very scared. Amazingly visualized as per Sai’s vision. It is a visual horror film. They have done a wonderful job in terms of sounding and music. At a time when horror is supposed to be comedy and masala, thanks to Rahul for making such a story. Rahul is my soul mate in terms of movies. All the best to all the team”.

Vinod, director of Middle Class Melodies said, “Nowadays the horror format has become routine. It is good to take a new element and point in that too. It is not the fear of seeing a ghost. It is not common to create fear from that scene and atmosphere. Within twenty minutes of the movie, he scares the hell out of us. The entire team worked hard for the film. This experience is hard to come by on a phone. That feeling is felt in the theatre. Thanks to Rahul for believing this story. This movie is releasing tomorrow. Be sure to see it”.

Vivek Athreya said, “Rahul and Prashant are my good friends. They invited me for the premiere. When we are in the world of Ammoru and Kantara, we get scared if anything happens to the characters. This film also has such a feeling. A lot of technical knowledge is required to make a horror film. It is great to do this in Sai’s first film. Sangeeta, Thiruveer, Kavya, Subhalekha Sudhakar all acted well. Even the sound of the balloon made my heart skip a beat. I felt scared even going home at night and eating alone. Giving RR to a horror movie is not a common thing. RR, the visuals look amazing. You can get this feeling only by watching it in the theater itself. Masooda is going to be released tomorrow. Watch this movie in the theatre”.