The melodious single of Karthikeya-2 is here!Karthikeya is one of the memorable hits of actor Nikhil Siddartha. Now, he teamed up with director Chandoo Mondeti again for its sequel Karthikeya-2. While the first part is all about snakes and Lord Karthikeya, the focus shifts to Lord Krishna and his intriguing city of mystical Dwaraka in the latest movie. With a good casting and very interesting storyline, cinephiles all over are waiting eagerly for the release of the movie. The makers, meanwhile are beginning to focus on promotional activities. Today, they have released the melodious single from the film called Adiga Nanu Nenu.

Similar to Saripovu Koti Kalalaina, the haunting melody in the earlier Karthikeya film, this latest song too is very soothing to the ears. In the song, the lead pair is seen travelling in the Himalayan areas along with Srinivas Reddy and Viva Harsha. It could be a situation where both of hero and heroine fall in love with each other. While Nikhil is looking his usual dashing, Anupama Parameswaran is gorgeous with her curly hairstyle. In one scene, Nikhil is seen teasing Anupapa saying that her hair is just like the noodles they are eating. Overall, the song seems like it will be ruling the playlists of youth for the days to come.