Rejected Many Scripts Because I Want A Script Like Ante Sundaraniki: NazriyaNazriya Fahadh is making her Telugu debut with Nani’s Ante Sundaraniki. She plays Leela Thomas, an ambitious young girl in the movie. The actress interacted with Telugu media ahead of the movie release.

“People say I took a long gap after marriage. Frankly I was so busy and did not even realize. Also, I did not reject many scripts. But it is true I waited for something exciting like Ante Sundaraniki. I heard this story like audience and felt it wonderful and immediately accepted it,” Nazriya said.

“I am very impressed with Vivek Athreya. Henceforth I will watch every film of Director Vivek Athreya FDFS. I will be waiting for his call and will do any film he wants me to without even listening to the script. We need more of directors like him,” the actress added.

She also said it is not easy to play a character like Leela Thomas.

“The character has so many layers. She has to hide all the sadness inside her. Director Vivek Athreya designed the character excellently. It is further difficult because I am so different from Leela Thomas,” Nazriya said.

The actress also dubbed herself for her character in the film.

“Language is very important for a film. Dubbing is the fifty percent reason for a character to work, I believe. So, I feel I did not do my job fully if I don’t dub. I got a translator appointed and ensured that I know meaning of every word before I told dubbing. Nani and Vivek made very comfortable on the set and encouraged me,” she added.