Major_Movie_Adivi_SeshAdivi Sesh’s Major team is in Vishakapatnam. The movie’s premiere was screened and the team interacted with the audience in a Pre-release Event. Adivi Sesh spoke emotionally to the audience.

We previously made Evaru and Goodachari to make them hits, but we made Major because we want Sandeep’s life to reach everyone. We decided to show the film to everyone so that the promotion would be better. Premiering a film in 10 cities in 10 days before the release of the film is never before in Indian film history.

A Major Colonel’s family came to Pune Premiere When they saw it, they said, “This is the story of Major Sandeep,” the colonel said giving me goosebumps. Major is not a movie but an emotion. After watching the movie in Ahmedabad, there were slogans of `Bharat Mataki Jai, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Amar Rahe!’,” he revealed.

“The film was shown to the National Security Guard in Mumbai. Major Sandeep also got trained there. There were 312 families watching the movie. But everything was quiet. That left us with many doubts. We got a call at 11.30 pm that night to call headquarters. We went in fear of making any mistakes. But they presented a medal to our team. Shown. This is the National Security Black Commando Medal. There is also a statue of Sandeep there. Receiving this medal is a greater thing than an Oscar. The public response and pre-release event feel like a success celebration,” Adivi Sesh emotionally told.