Nani Adivi Sesh Hit 2 Movie TRailer AnnouncementAdivi Sesh’s HIT 2 is releasing on December 2nd. The trailer of the movie is coming out tomorrow. The teaser has created a sensation and so everyone is looking forward to the trailer. Nani who is the producer of the film along with Sesh did a quirky video making the announcement.

Sesh is seen nervous about everything right from the movie business to the movie result and showers many questions on Nani. The natural star who is also the producer of the film is so relaxed at the same time.

For every question of Sesh, he only mentions ‘HIT’ hinting to trust the HIT franchise and assured that it will be a superhit.

At the end of the video, we can see the duo taking a selfie announcing the trailer release date. The team is so confident about the franchise that they are going to announce the cast of the third film in the climax of HIT 2.