Michael  Pre-release event Sundeep Kishan’s Michael is releasing on February 3rd. The movie which grabbed the attention of everyone in recent times had a grand Pre-release event with Natural Star Nani as the Chief Guest.

Speaking at the event, Nani is in all praise for the film. “Looking at Michael’s teaser, trailer, visuals and performances, it may be trend-setting film like Shiva. A movie looks new after many years. If the energy shown in the trailer is in the movie, everyone will carry it on their shoulders. One needs Hard work, talent and luck to go to the top position. Sundeep has hard work and talent but no luck. I believe it starts with Michael. He should get a big success with Michael. Director Ranjith looks very talented. All the best to the team,” he added.

Sundeep Kishan is very excited and said, “Nani, I have been friends since the beginning of my career. Michael being a special movie for me, Nani coming is even more special. I have given my everything for this film. Ranjith Jayakodi is the gift of universe to me. Whatever I thought I couldn’t do with my previous films, I did everything in the film. Many people are saying I made this film with all my blood. But this is just the beginning. Keep showing love like this, I will do amazing work,” he added.