Matti Kusthi Ravi TejaVishnu Vishal who got a good reception in Telugu with his last film, FIR is coming up with Matti Kusthi releasing on December 2nd. Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is the co-producer of the film like FIR. The grand Pre-release event of the film happened in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Speaking at the event, Ravi Teja said, “This is not just a sports film. Emotion, family, love, entertainment are all there. RT Team works and Vishnu Vishal Studios these two teams have worked very hard for the film. Vishnu Vishal is a positive person. In the first meeting itself, I felt that I had known Vishal for a long time. It all started with a single sitting. The movie was very good. You will definitely enjoy it. See you at the theater on December 2”.

Vishnu Vishal said, “Matti Kusthi will have a grand release in theaters on December 2. Ravi Teja is a great human being. He has a very good heart. In just one meeting, he had full confidence in me. Jwala used to tell me to do Telugu films. Telugu audience loves good content. I am coming to you with the support of a great person like Ravi Teja. It is a good family entertainment with all the commercial elements and it conveys the message that men and women are equal. The female audience will like the movie a lot. Everyone should go to the theater and watch ‘Matti Kusthi’ on December 2”.