Focused More On Dances & Fights In Macherla: NithiinYoung Hero Nithiin’s Macherla Niyojakavaram is releasing on August 12th. The movie name is buzzing every where due to the trailer and the Ra Ra Reddy song. Ahead of the film release, Nithiin is very confident about the movie.

The actor revealed what how Macherla happened and how he gave the chance to MS Rajasekhar Reddy as the film’s director. “I really liked his editing style during the 2017 ‘Lie’ shoot. Also his inputs were good when talking about the movie. “It will be good if you are the director” I said him then. After I said that, the thought started in him. He wrote the story while staying at home during Covid. When he narrated me that, I said OK in the first sitting itself,” Nithiin revealed.

The actor is quite confident about the movie. “The story is new and unique. I also liked the characterization of the hero. I have not done an IAS role till now. Although it is a mass film, there is a lot of freshness in the story and character. The movie will have Full entertainment, good songs, dance, and fights. It is like a festival for fans,” the actor confidently said.

Nithiin says the idea of remixing ‘Ranu Ranu Antune’ is his idea. “This idea is mine. When we wanted to remix any of my songs, I said let’s remix this song from Jayam which is a major highlight. It got super response. The song craze has not subsided still. I danced in three songs in this film. All dances are good”.