Even At Three Hours, You Will Want More Of Ante SundaranikiNatural Star Nani’s Ante Sundaraniki is releasing on June 10th across the South. Nani is promoting the film in all South languages and has interacted with Telugu media on Monday.

Nani was asked if the 2 hours and 56 minutes of the movie will not be a problem.

“I do not believe in that theory. A one and half hour film can bore you and make you feel enough. A film even three hours long can make you feel want for more. Ante Sundaraniki falls in the second category. So, I am not bothered,” Nani said.

The actor says Ante Sundaraniki will be a different film and we will get to watch a different Nani in the movie.

“Inter-faith love, US plans, etc are all sub-plots of the film. We revealed them because they are familiar. There is another interesting point which you will only get to see in the theater. That will be very novel. Also, Vivek Athreya portrayed me as completely new and with the new timing. I could not even act as old Nani even if I wanted,” Nani confidently said.

The actor also refuted the rumors about the movie releasing on OTT three weeks after its theatrical release. “Whole information about Ante Sundaraniki OTT release is wrong. Even the platform is also not right. I am also surprised but no there is no truth in it,” Nani clearly said.

The actor also denied the allegations about him asking for high ticket prices which the entire industry is suffering now.

“Those who are commenting on me on Ticket Prices issues are Senseless. I did not ask for 500 Rupees, I just only told the industry can not survive with 20, 40, 60 Rs. Prices of 500 Rupees may be justifiable for big films like RRR, but not all movies. I only wanted the earlier low prices of 100, 120 which everyone is asking for now. That is wrong (low price) and this is also wrong (high),” Nani explained.