Bedurulanka 2012 GlimpseThe curtains have been raised. The village in which ‘Bedurulanka 2012’ is set is relentless. ‘The biggest hoax ever played’ is the film’s caption and upon watching the ‘World of Bedurulanka’, we understand that it’s called a hoax for a reason. The ‘Yugantham’ aspect has got into the veins of the denizens of Yedurulanka, where hoopla ensues in anticipation of imminent death.

Set in a Godavari village, the film is a dramedy where fun and sound occupy the front row. The production design in the latest promo video caters to those audiences who are tired of films set in urban backgrounds. The rural environment, the rustic quality of humour, the relatable characters, the loud-mouthed happenings, the hyperbolic setting, and the boisterous atmosphere make us expect a full-fledged entertainer.

Seen amidst the flurry of characters is Neha Sshetty, the most prominent female character in the story. After films like ‘Rangasthalam and ‘Pushpa’, Ajay Ghosh may have got a character that will stay with the audience.

The film’s music is by Mani Sharma, while Viplav Nyasadam has done the editing. Satya, Srikanth Ayyengar, Goparaju Ramana, and Raj Kumar Kasireddy are part of the cast.