Adivi Sesh Bowls Hindi Media With Witty Answer!Adivi Sesh’s Major is releasing on June 3rd. Two high-profile films – Vikram and Prithviraj are also releasing on the same day.

Sesh and the Major team is in Mumbai for the release of the film’s second single. The media there quizzed about releasing the movie in competition.

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“Practically speaking Major is the biggest film in Telugu. Vikram is a biggie in Tamil and Prithviraj in Hindi. But while there are big fish in the sea, we are the Goldfish,” Adivi Sesh came up with a witty answer amid the claps from Hindi media.

Major is the Biopic of 26/11 Hero Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. It is a relatable story across the country. So, the makers are very confident.

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