Top_Gear_PosterHero Aadi Saikumar has been hectic busy with numerous projects and one among them is with director Shashikanth. Curiously, the genres of these movies are different from each other and the one with Shashikanth is an intense action entertainer with some thrilling elements.

The film gets an interesting title- Top Gear. This designates the movie will be high on some intense and action elements. The title poster is also remarkable. While the logo sees the silhouette image of Aadi holding a gun in his hand, the actor can be seen driving a car in the poster.

Top Gear features some ensemble cast, while it has some noted technicians working for it. Riya Suman is the heroine of the movie. Sai Sriram is the cinematographer and Harshavardhan Rameshwar renders soundtracks.

Aditya Movies & Entertainments is presenting the movie, whereas KV Sridhar Reddy of Sri Dhanalakshmi Productions is pooling resources.