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CRD Review – A Confusing, Never-Ending Bore
City of Dreams Review – Partly Engaging Political Drama
Netflix Extremely Wicked Review – Watch It For The Killer ‘Lead’ Performance
Netflix The Wandering Earth Review – A Visual Spectacle
Netflix Chambers Review – Mildly Interesting but Not Groundbreaking
Netflix Aurora Review – Too Boring To Scare
Netflix Money Trap Review – A Turkish Screwball Comedy Minus the Laughs It's the city of Istanbul and Bahadir, a bridegroom who's about to marry his lady love Nazli Noyan, falls prey to an outlandish bid on a mobile call to con him, in reference to a terror plot. After losing the money, Nazli's father Asim Noyan, who also happens to be a full-time con-artist, is forced to resolve this case and win the lost amount back. Meanwhile, the father-son duo Ihasan and Naim too are fooled by another con-artist (who's part of Asim's team) in the garb of a businessman, who lures them with a contract. How would these two ends meet? The result is a confusion comedy, which despite its interesting premise, never gathers enough steam to make an impression.
Netflix Bonding Review – Mildly Funny Adult Series Bonding is a simple tale of friendship between Tiff (Zoe Levin) and Pete (Brendon Scannell). How they become partners through work and then separate and come together again is what it is all about?
Someone Great Review – Simple yet Engaging Chick-Flick
Netflix Suzzanna: Buried Alive – A Not-So-Bad Indonesian Horror Thriller Read more at: The plot is very simple. When a woman named Suzzanna is buried alive after a robbery goes wrong in her home, she returns from the dead to take revenge on those responsible for her death. Suzzanna was pregnant when she died and according to Indonesian urban legend, a woman who dies while pregnant or during childbirth becomes a sundel bolong, a ghost form which can in turn take human form.