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Editor's Picks for Netflix & Amazon Prime

Platform Title Comments
Other Kaafir Review – Strong Writing Helps It Sail Smoothly
Netflix Murder Mystery Review – Silly, Underwhelming Whodunit Comedy
Netflix Svaha: The Sixth Finger Review – An Okayish Thriller That Tries Too Hard to Impress
Netflix I Am Mother Movie Review – Slow Paced But Intriguing Sci-Fi Thriller
Amazon Mind the Malhotras Review – A Pointless Spouse-Ranting Fest
Other Chernobyl Review – A Must Watch Masterpiece
Other Hostages Series Review – Rushed In Parts, Captivating At Large
Netflix Chopsticks Review – a Choppy Narrative That Lacks Fizz
Netflix The Perfection Review – A Wild Revenge Ride
Other Skyfire Review – An Ordinary And Tacky Thriller