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Editor's Picks for Netflix & Amazon Prime

Platform Title Comments
Amazon Jack Ryan S2 Review – A Leisurely Paced Political Thriller
Netflix Drive Review – An Unintentionally Comic Heist Thriller
Other Flames Season 2 Series Review – Clichés Presented Heart-warmingly
Other Fittrat Review – A Cheesy, Melodramatic Love Triangle
Other Chappad Phaad Ke Review – A Satirical Comedy Done Right
Other Kaale Dhande Review – A Crime Comedy That Has Its Moments’
Netflix Street Flow Review – Hard-Hitting Story Executed Amateurishly
Netflix In The Shadow of the Moon Review – Flat Narrative Overrides Thrilling Parts
Amazon Beautiful Boy Review – Sincere Intentions but a Boring Film
Netflix El Camino: A Breaking Bad Review – A Dream Farewell to Breaking Bad