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Editor's Picks for Netflix & Amazon Prime

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Other Postman Review -This Man Is Not Worth Your Time
Other Ishq Aaj Kal Review – A Poor Reboot of a Popular TV Show
Netflix Stranger Things S3 Review – Blockbuster Popcorn Outing
Other NERD Review – Excruciatingly Painful and Dumb
Other The Office Review – An Official Disaster
Other Raise a Toast to This Weekend With: Bombers, Milan Talkies, Tottaa Pataaka Item Maal, the Office
Other Ala Review – Utterly Miserable
Netflix Beats Review – An Underwhelming Tale Of Coming Of Age
Netflix Ease into the weekend with: ABCD, Argentina Fans Kattoorkadavu, Maunn, Dark-Season 2
Other Start Your Weekend on a Bang: Raja Ranguski, 100, the AAM Aadmi Family Season 3 and Murder Mystery