Monday, February 24
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Editor's Picks for Netflix & Amazon Prime

Platform Title Comments
Netflix You (Tv Series) Begins well and maintain momentum well till the fourth episode and the graph comes down dramatically. Still a decent watch thanks to the initial high.
Netflix Soni Presents a fresh perspective, subtly and realistically, of women suppression even in powerful/dominant position. A strictly average movie otherwise.
Netflix Baazaar The backdrop alone makes it an exciting watch initially, but, the weak second half hampers the enjoyment. The dialogues and Saif’s performance stand out.
Amazon Power Paandi This Dhanush directorial is entertaining as long as Dhanush is not acting. Raj Kiran gave an excellent performance, and his track is engaging which makes it a decent watch.
Amazon Sui Dhaaga Sui Dhaaga is a simple and clean film with a positive message to be your own boss & be proud. Despite the slowness it's watchable for the lead pair's performance, especially for Anushka.
Amazon Thugs Of Hindostan Streaming Now in multiple languages.
Netflix Selection Day Based on a book and made in a fashion reminding Dangal, Selection Day is a decent sports drama if you watch it with limited expectations. The season one ends abruptly, be prepared for it.
Netflix 1922 Man tries to murder his wife, and wants his son to help ends his life in a bitter way. Great performances makes it a good watch.
Netflix Black Butterfly A thriller with an uneasy mixture of genres. The elements of suspense work with a neat ending making it a strictly average flick.
Netflix Accident It is a Hong Kong based thriller with a novel plot. However, the proceedings get tiresome after a point making it an average flick. Watch it if you want to see something different.