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Editor's Picks for Netflix & Amazon Prime

Platform Title Comments
Amazon Hichki Hichki is an average coming of age drama where a teacher with a unique problem helps overcome the kids facing challenges while simultaneously getting better herself. Give it a try for Rani Mukerji's performance.
Netflix Edge Of Fear A standard one-man-against-many actioner that feels more like a desi over the top action movie than a slick thrilling Hollywood fare. Watchable once, if you are die-hard action/thriller lover.
Amazon Pariyerum Perumal A poignant tale involving caste based reality, showing how deep-rooted it is, without getting too arty or very cinematic and hits home the point with no preachiness. A must watch but with a warning for viewer discretion for few 'realistic' scenes.
Amazon Gold It is a strictly average patriotic sports drama with a sluggish beginning and end. The Independence Era setting and casting are exciting factors that lead us into the drama, but it fails to live up to its potential.
Other 96 It is the very definition of a cult movie. There will be people who would absolutely adore, while a section of the audience will feel underwhelmed. The issue here is that of connection. It’s remake rights have been bought by Dil Raju.
Other Ratsasan It lives up to the billing of a world-class psycho thriller. A must watch for thriller lovers despite some lag towards the final half an hour. And lest we forget, a background score for ages, just phenomenal.
Netflix Blood Diamond While it's a must watch for Leonardo DiCaprio fans, others can enjoy terrific performances in a unique backdrop with high drama and emotion.
Amazon Imaikkaa Nodigal A decent watch for those looking for a thriller movie. Interesting plot with neat twists, but goes over the top and loses momentum in the second half.
Netflix Bodyguard (TV series) Moderately paced British series with superb beginning and end. The pace drops in between but twists and turns are always around the corner keeping one hooked. Overall, a good watch.
Netflix Daredevil Season 3 (TV series) If you are a fan of the season 1, season 3 is right down the alley. Within the cliched superhero genre, Daredevil Season 3 offers enough character development and thrills and twists to make it a fresh watching experience. The only problem is it takes time to take off.