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Editor's Picks for Netflix & Amazon Prime

Platform Title Comments
Amazon Raazi Spy thriller keeps you hooked from the beginning till the end. It is a prequel to Rana's Ghazi. Very good watch.
Amazon Parmanu It has a nice plot but ends up as an Average fare at the best, give it a shot if you are a fan of patriotic films.
Amazon 102 Not Out Though the storyline is Average, it is fun to watch. Let's live our life to the fullest is what the film is all about.
Netflix Sanju It is a well-made entertainer in typical Raju Hirani style with superb performances and emotional content. The “truth” in this biopic needs to be put aside for entertainment though. Watch it
Netflix Soorma Another biopic in sports backdrop. The movie is flat and dull and fails to capture the real-life drama and high. Watch only if you love to have some patriotic dose
Netflix 211 Decent watch but this bank robbery plot has a very weak Climax, feels like another Desi film at the end. Overall, a decent one time watch due to the action blocks and the emotional connect.
Amazon Go Straight Take Left A couple of sketches are ROFL. Try it
Amazon Karwaan Slow paced but watchable due to the cast & writing, but there is no wow factor
Netflix Yeh Meri Family (TV series) Must Watch for 90s Kids, simple family tale but very nostalgic. Well made.
Netflix Little Things (TV series) Young Adult series. Cute & Silly. Fully urban. Start with Season-1