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Editor's Picks for Netflix & Amazon Prime

Platform Title Comments
Netflix 1922 Man tries to murder his wife, and wants his son to help ends his life in a bitter way. Great performances makes it a good watch.
Netflix Black Butterfly A thriller with an uneasy mixture of genres. The elements of suspense work with a neat ending making it a strictly average flick.
Netflix Accident It is a Hong Kong based thriller with a novel plot. However, the proceedings get tiresome after a point making it an average flick. Watch it if you want to see something different.
Netflix 13 Cameras A creepy psycho cum stalker thriller that is A-Rated. Viewer discretion is recommended as the content might be disturbing. It has a few interesting moments and manages to get on our nerves, but is ultimately a wasted opportunity.
Netflix Bird Box It is intense and emotional and has enough scares and thrills to keep one hooked.
Other Badhaai Ho Much like our #GeethaGovindam (nothing common story wise), simple and identifiable emotions are beautifully blended into the narrative using an instantly connecting conceptual beginning. In the end, what we get is a joyful and emotionally fulfilling commercially entertaining watch woven around 'embarrassment'.
Other Vada Chennai A good watch if seen without expectations. More than Dhanush and the current portions, the flashback portions featuring Ameer as Rajan give a high.
Netflix Andhadhun A superb thriller with the right mix of fun and intrigue. Tabu's fantastic act stands tall in this well cast and acted thriller.
Amazon Tumbbad A simple yet engaging folk tale narrated in a period setting with stunning cinematography and BGM. It’s a story based narrative that runs on performances and drama with momentary thrills rather than a clichéd horror entertainer. Amazon has an option to watch this movie in 'Telugu' audio. You can stream this in the US from 15/1/19.
Other Searching Searching is a very engaging and innovatively thought out thriller that is sure to be an interesting watch to the viewers. The entire movie runs on screens (phones, tablets, laptops etc). Worth a try if you like different films.