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Editor's Picks for Netflix & Amazon Prime

Platform Title Comments
Netflix Revenger If you are a fan of action and martial arts movies 'Revenger' is surely a decent watch. The downside is, there is barely any story going for it. If you just want to see some kick-ass action go ahead and stream it!
Netflix Savita Damodar Paranjpe The movie is based on the psycho character of the same name 'Savita'. It's a psychological thriller where a lady 'Kusuma' displays sudden strange behavior & desire for lust. Despite having an interesting plot, this one ends up as a strictly passable watch.
Netflix The Bone Collector A decent cat and mouse crime thriller as an ex-cop Denzel Washington team up with a rookie cop Angelina Jolie to investigate crime scenes to track down a serial killer.
Other Roobaru Roshani A documentary-style narrative that features three different real-life incidents with great personal tragedies. The stories are handled sensitively bringing out both the perpetrator and victim perspective. Among the three, the first is best, and the last is the weakest.
Netflix Close There is a story here and gripping for the most part due to a series of cat and mouse action scenes but drops when it matters (climax). It’s watchable for the initial buildup and suspense.
Netflix Southpaw The performance of Jake Gyllenhaal alone makes it a decent one-time watch. Add to it some well-shot boxing sequences and drama; Southpaw is a comfortable watch for sports movie lovers. It feels a bit formulaic and looks like trying too hard to be a classic, on the downside.
Netflix Amateur A sports drama that brings a different angle initially and hooks, but eventually charters the same predictable path. Still, it has enough moments packed neatly to make a decent one-time watch.
Netflix You (Tv Series) Begins well and maintain momentum well till the fourth episode and the graph comes down dramatically. Still a decent watch thanks to the initial high.
Netflix Soni Presents a fresh perspective, subtly and realistically, of women suppression even in powerful/dominant position. A strictly average movie otherwise.
Netflix Baazaar The backdrop alone makes it an exciting watch initially, but, the weak second half hampers the enjoyment. The dialogues and Saif’s performance stand out.