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Editor's Picks for Netflix & Amazon Prime

Platform Title Comments
Amazon The Family Man Review – A Layered Crime Drama Sans Surprise Value
Other Mission Over Mars Review – Where Exaggeration Takes over Reality
Other Mymarapu Review – A Visual Synonym for Mediocrity
Netflix The Spy Review – Predictable Thriller Held Together By The Lead Read more at:
Other Thinkistan S2 Review – Intriguing, Middling Take on Lives of Admakers
Other Posham Pa Review – A Gruesome Tale Sans Emotional Depth
Other Rejctx Review – Inconsistent yet Engaging Teenage Drama
Other Boss: Baap of Special Services Review – Only Enjoyable in Parts Read more at:
Netflix The Red Sea Diving Resort Review – Painfully Bland
Other Barot House – A Nailbiting Psycho-Thriller