The theatrical of the first zombie movie in Telugu cinema, Zombie Reddy is out. After an intriguing and interesting teaser, director Prashanth Varma hits it out of the park with the trailer.

Right from the start, the zany humour is evident. It further gets mixed with the traditional genres of the Telugu cinema that have become so routine over the years. The mixture of these unexpected genres is where the fun lies.

The tongue in cheek captions in between make it all the more apparent. The idea to mix Samarasimha Reddy with Shaun Of The Dead is whacky, and that’s where the craziness comes into the picture.

The whole thing is over the top but is funny at the same time. Of course, the humour here might not be everyone’s teacup, which should be self-explanatory looking at the trailer’s visuals.

Zombie Reddy too has announced a Sankranthi release. We have to see if it sticks to the date given the competition at the cinemas. But it will be fun if it manages to arrive.

Check out the trailer below. Teja Sajja, a famous face as a child artist, makes his debut as hero with the movie. Anandhi is the heroine. Mark K Robin provides the music to the film which is produced by Raj Shekar Varma.