'Zombie-Reddy'-Girl-getting-NoticedDaksha Nagarkar might be a name not much known to us but, she has got a decent role as the hero’s friend in the recently released first zombie film of South India ‘Zombie Reddy‘. Those who watched the movie already will recognise her for sure.

Though she is not the heroine of the movie, Daksha Nagarkar will be seen throughout the movie as she has a decent screen time as Teja Sajja’s friend. Early in the day, she shared this pic on her Twitter wall and there were comments asking her to act as the heroine.

Her post says it’s the discipline and consistency that made her look so glamorous. By the way, what do you think about this bold post from Daksha? Is she glamorous enough to be the heroine of a film? How did you like her acting in ‘Zombie Reddy’. Let us known through your comments.