Zero-Seats-But-Kamal-Haasan-Putting-Brave-FaceThough it may seem surprising on the face of it, Kamal Haasan’s defeat in the recent elections came as no real surprise as his political party defeat was written all over. However, Kamal Haasan put up a brave face giving us the reasons behind his flop show.

According to him, his party did well in the urban areas compared to the rural areas because of lack of awareness among the people and another reason being poverty. Nevertheless, Kamal’s MNM didn’t win a seat in the urban areas, even.

Kamal also made sure to tell that politics isn’t his profession but an extracurricular activity. So, he isn’t a full-time politician. It’s clearly implied that he is putting up a brave face after winning zero seats.

When that is the case in Tamil Nadu, Pawan Kalyan also both the seats from which he had contested. Maybe, cine glamour is not working in politics and voters want them to up some reality show.