Tollywood_Actress_ApartmentBeing active in the film industry opens up many avenues for actors to make money. While most make money through their acts on screen, a few make it off screen. Here’s a story involving an actress who is making good money through her off screen acts.

She only did a handful of films in Tollywood. But she’s already very well placed financially.

The actress has the knack of making some ‘extra’ income through her off screen acts and she is being paid heavily for it. She is making much more here than what she is making by acting in films.

In fact, the said actress is so red hot in form that she has bought herself a swanky place in a costly housing project in Hyderabad. The property is reportedly worth Rs 7 crores and it is located in Gachibowli.

She’s not alone in this. She has another buddy, who is also making some ‘extra’ income through this means.

Well, this zero offers actress now doesn’t have to worry about the lack of acting offers as she is being paid handsomely for other things.