SukumarIndustry is a place of egos and insecurities. People rarely lend support to others in industry. But Sukumar seems to be class apart.

Sukumar entered top league of filmmakers with Rangasthalam and Pushpa. There’s another special trait to him and that is his wholeheartedness. He is the only star director in Tollywood who is actively supporting and nurturing his associates.

Sukumar has been producing films with his associates on his Sukumar Writings banner. His associate Buchi Babu made a sparkling debut with Uppena.

Now, Buchi Babu has risen to a stage where he is directing Ram Charan who is an elite league superstar. Usually, stars like Charan tend to work with top-billed directors like Rajamouli, Sukumar, Trivikram, and others. And it’s not too common for him to be working with one-film old directors.

That should be a perfect case of insecurity for any Guru. But Sukumar proved to be different.

Sukumar himself had directed Charan in Rangasthalam and he is directing another one of Charan’s upcoming films as well. But Sukku had no qualms when it came to orchestrating a project with Charan and his associate, Buchi Babu.

Sukumar is even partnering with the production. We don’t know if he’s investing in the film or just giving his branding. Either way, he is playing an instrumental role in his associate reaching new heights.

This particular trait can only be attributed to him in Telugu cinema. It is evident that he doesn’t have one bit of inferiority complex.