ZEE5 ATM ‘ATM’ is the latest hit from ZEE5. The streaming platform is pleased to inform you that the 8-episode web series is an unmixed success story. Released on January 20, it has already amassed a highly impressive 50 million streaming minutes in terms of views. The series stars VJ Sunny as the hero.

The numbers speak for the popularity and content of the series, whose showrunner Harish Shankar has pulled off his first major hit of 2023. As the show’s story writer, the ‘Gabbar Singh’ director has lent his thorough touch. And his imaginative prowess is felt in the way the story is set up, the conflict is established, and the ending is imagined.

Subbaraju’s Hegde, a volatile cop with zero tolerance for criminality, is distinctive. The viewers are liking how the story attains a crescendo with his entry. There is no looking back for the web series once he enters the story. The heist drama also becomes an investigative procedural because of him.

The show doesn’t stop offering drama and tension till the climax. Out of the blue, the viewer is given a reason to cheer a new character, whose face is a matter of suspense for now. A sense of anticipation has already been built up for this character, who will become significant in the second season of ‘ATM’.

Producers Hanshita Reddy and Harshith of Dil Raju Productions have scored a hit with their very first OTT show.

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