YVS’s Devadasu helps him out for Rey
It was Devadasu which catapulted Ram to stardom. The debut vehicle directed by YVS Chowdhary gave the actor great exposure among masses which later proved to be a great blessing for the actor. Now few years’ later, things have come full circle as it’s the director who is taking help of the actor to give buzz to his latest film.

Director YVS Chowdhary is ready with his new film Rey for a long time but for the financial reasons he is unable to release the film. However it looks like the issues may have settled down as the director has announced a new release date. The problem now though is that due to numerous delays the film is lacking the buzz. Earlier in the year when the audio was launched with Pawan Kalyan as chief guest it had a little buzz but that too is gone now thanks to the long delay. Now to regenerate the excitement the director has taken the help of Ram and asked him to give voice over for the film which the actor has happily obliged too. Will this voice over by Ram help film create any kind of buzz? We have to wait and see.