Illayaraja's son proud owner of Ducati

Composer Yuvan Shankar Raja is probably the one out in Illayaraja’s family. While his father and brother are very simple and always dress according to our culture, Yuvan is the exact opposite. He is hip, highly fashionable and enjoys the attention he receives from his fans.

To prove how hip he is, the composer has recently bought the imported bike Ducati. Yuvan had posted pictures of the same and showered his excitement about owning a bike he had wanted for very long. Excited about his new machine, Yuvan posted on Twitter the picture of his bike with registration number TN 06 *C 0049 – and tweeted “My new toy.” Watch out for the bike on Chennai roads for all you know that the next time you see this bike in a traffic signal, it could be Yuvan riding it.