Renu-DesaiYSRCP have their own way when it comes to dealing with their political opponents. When the likes of Pawan Kalyan give them their straight questions on their administration, they leave the point and start personal attacks.

Pawan Kalyan recently questioned the YCP government on their way of handling the social problems. And YCP are doing what they do best, resorting to personal attacks.

YCP troops are digging old videos of Renu Desai where she speaks of Pawan and the divorces.

Pawan recently stated he legally divorced his previous two wives and married thrice. He even says he paid them alimonies for the same. In response, YCP troops are sharing videos of Renu where she says she didn’t receive any alimony from Pawan.

Not stopping at that, YCP is speaking about Pawan’s fourth marriage. They have made their strategy clear that they’re going to target Pawan on a personal level.