ysrcp song on roja suspensionYSR Congress Party is struggling to defend itself in the ongoing spat in Andhra Pradesh Assembly. After Roja’s suspension, YSR Congress said that they did not utter a single abuse and Roja was suspended as Political vendetta.

Later when media caught Roja speaking words like Kama Chandrababu. They tried escaping Kama means Call Money. And now that government had released footage of a handful of YSR Congress MLAs using pathetic language right in front on the Speaker.

Now YSR Congress had brought a new angle to side track the issue. They are alleging that the videos are leaked before the release of the Speaker. There should be an inquiry commission about how the content in the house got leaked. All well said but the party is still not able to come up with a proper explanation about why they resorted to abuse in the house.