Paisa working still

Up till now, actor Nani has been playing pretty safe in the film industry without a lot of experimentation. However, the actor is now ready to try out something new and is appearing some more challenging roles with some unique identities. Indeed, in a new film of his, Nani is going to shave his head for a character with some negative shades. Nani is playing a dual role in the film, acting the part of both a 27-year-old guy and a 45-year-old guy and the experience has been challenging.

Talking about his first Bollywood film Naan Ee (Eega), Nani believes that even though Eega has definitely given him national recognition, his associations with Yash Raj happened were more a product of his acting skills. As for his future plans, Bollywood seems to be a definite no for the actor who is bent on doing only Telugu films since it is his mother tongue.