When Nandamuri Balakrishna Proved He is Not A Partime PoliticianA known YouTube critic who also works for the South version of a popular Bollywood leading web portal made lame comments on Balakrishna trying to make fun and evoke some laughs with his friends in a zoom call.

He was heard saying, “There is this format of the song, which is like a single hero in the middle and double heroines on either side naval shot. I like Balakrishna in that because, when he is dancing in those songs, you get to see six breasts.”

This is way too much and body shaming a person. Actually, it’s disgusting to see this YouTube critic describing the scene making fun of South movies and stars when he is also from the South. This is an extreme level and intolerable.

Now, our South films and stars are getting big recognition in North and pan-Indian audiences are looking towards South film industries for content. Hriday Ranjan aka Heart Ranjan was definitely lame to comment and made a disgusting comparison.