Jr NTR as Shivaji MaharajIf you ask Nandamuri fans, they would probably proudly boast that it’s in the blood of Nandamuri heroes to be a perfect fit into mythological and historical roles. Like the legendary senior NTR was fit into such roles effortlessly, his grandson is no different.

This is a fan-made poster of young tiger NTR depicted as Rebel of Maharaja, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The guy who made this poster must be lauded for the effort he has put in and for the way, he came up with a stunning poster of the young tiger as ‘The Great Shivaji’.

Naturally, NTR’s die-hard fans are appreciating the poster and are in awe of NTR’s virtual makeover for this historical appearance. Excellently done on the request of NTR’s fans. Creativity has no bounds when it comes to love that the fans keep showering on the Nandamuri hero.

The fans creativity is winning him praises and the fans are also looking forward to seeing NTR as the Rebel of Maratha in one of his upcoming films. Hopefully, there is a historical script coming up for the young tiger and he would be seen playing a similar character.