archana pandya hit and run case near police stationIt had been only four days since 22-year old Archana Pandya got a new job in Tata Consultancy Services in Goregoan site. But the fourth day turned out to be a very fateful day when she was mowed down by an unknown vehicle and injured severly.

Even more tragic is the fact that the ‘hit and run’ incident happend before a police station which is only 50 meters away. She lay there helpless and unattended. Finally when the police were informed of the same, she was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Doctors confirmed that she was brought dead. She would have had the chances of survival if she was attended immediately after the accident and taken to the hospital in time. But fate had it the other way.

This incident happened when she was returning from office and tried to cross the road to take an auto to go home. If the Vanrai Police Station officials knew about the accident immediately or else if someone informed them, it would have been different and a life would have been saved. So sad!