thanikella bharani and nikhilThis year saw as many as dozen and a half releases till date but only three-four of them made their mark at the box-office and Nikhil’s Surya Vs Surya is certainly ahead of the speculations on the film based on the initial talk of the film after the first show. With weak second half, Surya Vs Surya was stamped as not upto the mark as expected.

Nevertheless, surprising the trade pundits, Nikhil’s latest movie is heading towards being a profitable venture for the makers and buyers even. The hero deserves all the praise for the selection of different stories while the debutante director also deserves applause with certain episodes in the movie with show off his out of box ideas.

One such idea is Tanikella Bharani’s character. Normally we have a bunch of young actors as hero friends in Telugu films. But here, Karthik Ghattamaneni brought in a vintage friend Bharani for Nikhil. And the versatile multi-faceted talent Tanikella Bharani turned out to be a huge positive point for the film. Hats off! Like Posani for ‘Temper’, it is Bharani for ‘Surya Vs Surya’.