Young Hero Vishnal Reddy Hell Bent on Curbing ThemRight from the time young hero Vishal won the Nadigar Sangham elections as the general secretary and later on became the president of Tamil Nadu Film Producers’ Council, he is waging war on piracy and expressed his wish to curb piracy by coming up with a specific strategy.

The young actor announced a reward of Rs. 1 lakh for whoever catches the thief. He wants to nab people who capture newly released films on mobile and also wants to register an FIR on the culprits. So, whoever helps to find out such culprits will get the reward amount.

The amount will be given from Producers’ Council. This is the first step towards handling piracy menace. But, we have a doubt. If, more than one person is caught recording a movie on mobile, will all the people who helped in catching the culprits get Rs. 1 lakh each?