Young Hero Sundeep Kishan Politely Declines Uday Kiran Biopic Rumour Sundeep Kishan who is slowly making a comeback in Telugu cinema with back to back buzzing flicks. It is irrespective of the fate of movies which is why there is a curiosity around his next.

Recently, reports started coming out that Sundeep Kishan is all set to act in the biopic of late star Uday Kiran. Currently, the trend of biopics are at a peak, under this situation, imagine a movie on Uday Kiran? It would be an attractive proposition given the ‘controversial’ material that is part of Uday Kiran’s rise and fall as a star.

Getting back to the report, it also further stated that Sundeep Kishan would love to produce it as well. It gave the impression that Sundeep was very interested in the project.

However, all those have turned out to be mere rumours. Sundeep Kishan has today extensively given clarity on the said project. He said that no one has approached him with the subject. The statement further said that Sundeep Kishan has no interest in any biopic at the moment.

Well, that puts things in perspective. Right now, Sundeep Kishan is busy in a hockey based movie. It will be his next release in Telugu.