Sree Vishnu Insults and hardships are a part and parcel of the film industry and Telugu cinema is no stranger to the same. Here is one such incident involving young actor Sree Vishnu.

In a recent interview, Sree Vishnu said, “I once gave an audition for a role in a very big Telugu film. One of the associate directors who was working on the film asked me to enact a scene and gave me a 4-page monologue.”

“I byhearted the monologue in under an hour and gave the audition. The associate director found fault in my audition and said I made 2-3 changes to the monologue. He then troubled me by asking to repeat the same monologue again. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. 5-6 years later, he approached me with a script and he was backed by a top production house. I green signalled the project,” Vishnu said.

Sree Vishnu went from being insulted by an associate director for not narrating a monologue to then listening to a full script narration from the same person and green signalling the project. He should have felt good while taking this revenge, albeit a sweet and classy one. One can only wonder who this director is.

Sree Vishnu’s latest outing, Raja Raja Chora is out in theaters now. He is being lauded for his fine performance in the comedy caper.