young-hero-shahid-kapoor-quits-smoking-to-please-his-wifeMarriage changes a man completely. The viewers may agree or have taken different stance on this issue. But coming to Shahid Kapoor the sentence fits correctly. Of late, he got married to Mira Rajput.

Since then the man of love is busy in pleasing his wife by his care and actions. Recently, the actor did not lit off a cigarette since past few months. Some are attributing the reason behind this is the love lady Mira Rajput. According to insiders, Shahid habituated to smoking after his strained relationship with long lived girlfriend Kareena Kapoor.

He then became chain smoker and eventually his crew members also warned him to give up this evil habit. But shahid didn’t listen to them. Ultimately, to please his wife he gave up his smoking. Currently, the actor shoots for his upcoming film Rangoon.