Raj Tarun on MarriageWhen a league of eligible bachelors of the Telugu Film Industry like Rana Daggubati, Nikhil Sidharth and Nithin got married during this lockdown season, what are the plans of Raj Tarun regarding marriage?

The young hero says that there is still 2-3 years time for marriage and he can’t say anything now. When asked if he has some qualities in mind he would like to have in his fiancee, he said that the only quality he would ask for is to be able to bear his weirdness.

He mentioned certain things like absolutely not being interested in shopping and also wanting to watch films alone contrary to watching with friends and family. So, the girl who can get to know this and still accept might be his girl, someday.

As of now, he has to get back to building his career and currently, ‘Orey Bujjiga’ is ready for release on the online platform ‘Aha’. Raj Tarun is promoting his film giving interviews to various channels.