Chaavu Kaburu Challaga first glimpseYoung hero Karthikeya gave a sudden jolt with the first look teaser of his upcoming movie ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga‘. The positive comments and buzz about the teaser were obvious.

What took us by surprise was the character he took up to portray and the ease he showed in whatever we have got to see. After ‘Rx 100’Rx 100 Hero’s Realistic Response to Negative Reviews, though the young actor was trying different things, he didn’t seem to catch hold of the part that would help him grow as an actor.

Maybe, there is scope for him with this movie as we can see that he clearly tried a different accent, body language and an attitude that we wouldn’t expect from him. That’s the reason, the first look teaser is being received well.

Coming from a reputed banner like GA 2 Pictures itself guarantees that the the concept might be good enough for entertainment. So, this is the chance he must use to rise as an entertainer and a better actor.